The triad of health lists three basic causes of health problems.
They are made up of three factors:

Physical (Structural) 
Physical stress involves external and internal forces that affect the body.
e.g. Car accidents, injuries, falls, abnormal postures during work, sleep and rest, childbirth for both mother and child. These factors can impact the spine and surrounding structure of the human body.

Chemical stresses involve imbalance in the biochemistry of the body.
e.g. Vaccination schedule, foods loaded with artificial flavours, colours and preservatives and food low in nutritional value (junk foods).

All these factors can cause toxicity within the body. This toxicity can interference with the normal chemical pathways within the body, which in turn can cause nutritional deficiencies and excesses as well as depriving the body of substances essential for healthy living.

Mental / Emotional
Mental / Emotional stresses involve events, situations and scenarios that affect our conscious and subconscious self. e.g. marriage, divorce, moving home (selling / buying), death in a family, depression, anxiety, stress, post natal depression, aggressive behaviour.

In children, these can sometimes be detected through changes in behaviour, sleep patterns, bed wetting and tantrums.